Suicide Diet

from by City Weezle

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Suicide diet.

Just take 2 o’ these and wash ‘em down with this dreamy cream
And drift into a creamy dream that lasts for days
You can chase that dragon all the way down that yellow brick road
Until you get to the castle,the castle of death
Where hallucinations entrance the minds eye
into a gateway of ecstasy
Which helps you see how fucked up it all can be
as you drink a toast to a world of misery
It gets me thinkin’ if I keep drinkin’ I will drown.
I’ve been awake and been mistaken by what’s takin’ me down
All of this powder, chemical chowder in my brain
it brings me up and takes me down as it drives me insane.
Breathe in, breathe out.
I’m not a Nazi Kamikaze but I am flyin’ low
I’m a danger to myself and just rarin’ to go
Over the edge of a world that’s gonna explode
You wouldn’t understand I gotta shoot my load!
Paranoia can annoy ya but ya can’t beat this thrill
It’s like a sweet fallen angel movin’ in for the kill
Takin’ uppers, takin’ downers gets me nowhere I know
But I’ll keep poppin’ ‘till I’m droppin’ at the end o’ the show
Mind Melts! Twists Self…
Faces Places,Times and spaces
flash by in the blink of an eye
Verse 2
Sleep depravation Keeps you company on nights like these
But you pop another upper ‘cause you can’t stand her face
Take another drink to appease the thirst of a mouth
that’s been rotting for a long long time
Roll another smoke, take another trip shoot another fix
and watch the world drip out from your own eyes.
But later you’ll the great omniscient brainstorms
are getting less and less
While the mind clouds roar an angry thunder

End break
Now your mind melts.


from Lysergik tea party EP, released December 12, 2012



all rights reserved


City Weezle Saint Ouen, France

City Weezle is a rock fusion beast that's been kicking it live since 2006 in the European Rock/Metal underground... and has released City weezle EP in 2006 the leprecaun Demo 2008 their debut album "Taboo" in 2010 now the Lysergik tea Party EP just released before getting back together with a live line up to tour for taboo and Record a second LP ... more

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