City weezle​(​Demo)

by City Weezle

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released January 2, 2006



all rights reserved


City Weezle Saint Ouen, France

City Weezle is a rock fusion beast that's been kicking it live since 2006 in the European Rock/Metal underground... and has released City weezle EP in 2006 the leprecaun Demo 2008 their debut album "Taboo" in 2010 now the Lysergik tea Party EP just released before getting back together with a live line up to tour for taboo and Record a second LP ... more

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Track Name: City weezle
Horseless chariot sucking deisel,
Behind the wheel there sits a city weasel,
'tween its lips there lyes a cigarette,
he takes a drag and the he holds his breath
and ponders of the world outside,
What it might behold,What it might hide
but nothing really matters to him
Everything's a joke,everything's a whim.
He's got his fast car and his phoney freinds,
Accelerating as he takes the bend.
The lights are red but he's on a roll,
he's got no fear cause he's got no soul.

He's a winner and a loser!
and a player,It's all a game!
He's a waster, a tail chaser.
He's got no morals and he's got no shame!
He's a-wheelin' and a-dealin'
just a-waitin' for his freinds to call.
He Rolls the dice and takes a slice
of life,he wants it all.

Tonight he's gonna hit the town
and turn the city upside down!
He'll wear his clothes inside out,
he knows that fashion's what it's all about.
Slicker than slick and cool as a breeze,
He charms the ladys with the greatest ease(E's).
They all say he's their kinda guy
and he admits that he can't denie
How he loves to wine and dine
and hit the toilets for little line.
He takes a drink and then another
And starts calling everyone his brother!

But tonight there's a rat in the house. X 2

Chorus 2
The cops are comin',he's got a gun
and he's a runnin' on thin ice.
He's breathing hard,he plays the card
cause in this game you can't think twice.
He takes a shot and now he's hot
and ready to blow the world away.
Guns blazin'!hell raisin'!
out to the car for a get-away


Now he's away n' still playin',
same ol' dog with the same ol' trick.
You can't trust him you can't bust him,
He's just a drug crazed lunatic.
He's wears the smiles and does miles.
Another night in a different town.
He's comin' up and he's comin' up
and he's a never comin' down
Track Name: Vampire boy
when I was very very young,
the day first blood did a touch
my tongue that was when it all begun.
felt hunger that I'd never known
since then it's just grown and grown and grown.
I could eat a horse right now!
i'm sick of eating bloody cow!
I long for the taste of blood.
My folks knew there was somthin' wrong
when my canines started growin' long.
(his dad)
There's somthin' wrong with that boy
I think he's gonna need to see a doctor.
Now I do believe your boy is very sick.
He seems to be becoming less and less
resistant to daylight.
he's going through some sort of a change.
(vampire boy)
I can not sleep at night,it's driving me insane.
My life is misery,excrutiating pain.
What has become of me I have become so blood thirsty!!!!!
(The vampire lord)
Vampire boy you are the chosen one.
confided to the florecent sun.
(Vampire boy)
The kids at school noticed my eyes were turning red.
I felt so sick,I felt like I was dead.
Billy hill never did like me!
I was different he could clearly see.he said
(billy hill)
I'm a get you vampire boy!!
(Vampire boy)
One night alone i stood,
they beat me bad,they got me good
But sweet revenge shall soon be mine!
I finally got those little shits and cut them into little bits.
Now I drink their blood and it tastes so good!!
(Louisina state radio)
Three kids had been reported missing earlier this week.
They were found earlier today in the lower county area,
Each one of them hacked in to small pieces,
all their vital organs had been removed.
Police suspect that it's organ trafficing but they have not yet found any futher proof.

(First blood)
Sweet blood
I can't get enough
Track Name: Storm
Sailing on these stormy seas,
these gales seem but a dying breeze
but winds grew stronger,clouds hid the sun.
Before one could blink the storm had come.
Waves crashed under the thunder lit skys.
Nature screamed as tears filled her eyes.
But I wait for the calm to come
and i wait till the storm is done
blow me home

We're only goin' where the wind blows
where she might blow us god only knows.
The only thing to fear is fear its self.
no one can save us if we can't save ourselves.
Save our souls,we can't save ourselves.
But we wait for the calm to come
and we wait 'till the storm is done
Blow me home.

Calm:::;;;... calm......
Track Name: Way out west
scum on the top,cream of the crop
why don't you cop i'll never stop
fishing you out from the pond of doubt
in times of drout it's all about
taking the find,leaving behind
all of the blind who'd cloud your mind
whispering low no-one should know
where they would go if they should
their faces in the church of sin
where all begin their suffering

way out west,deep down under x2


lovers of hate let's put it straight
straight on your plate,where is your
haters of love your velvet glove
is choking the dove,the white dove of
way out west where they do their best
and dress to impress but never confess
that they talk all day with nothing to say
and the game thay play is kiss and
you never knew how loose was the
and you fit the shoe just like them too.
growing desire to crush the empire,
crazy motherfuckers set the world afire

Greed,a lust for power,
a seed that starts to flower
In the mind of every twisted coward.
corrupt politicians are more like sick
Watch how they'll make all just
Way out west they're goin' deep down